Sankyosha LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is producing many monochrome LCD modules (character display, graphic display).
We have released white back light in addition to ordinal yellow-green back light. It is easy to recognize the contentes even under daylight.
You can use them even for industrial long life end products, because of Japanese manufacturer's unique, experienced and fine production method.

Linear Technology Corporation


Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of a broad portfolio of high performance analog, mixed-signal, and digital signal processing (DSP) integrated circuits (ICs) used in virtually all types of electronic equipment.
ADI currently produces a wide range of innovative products—including data converters, amplifiers and linear products, radio frequency (RF) ICs, power management products, sensors based on microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology and other sensors, and processing products, including DSP and other processors—that are designed to meet the needs of our broad base of customers.


ABLIC Inc. provides CMOS ICs that features ultra-small packages, high precision and low power consumption.
ABLIC's power management ICs such as voltage regulators and voltage detectors are adapted for various purposes. Also ABLIC Inc. realized highly reliable EEPROMs by floating gate memory cells. These high quality standard ICs must help the high value of customers' products.


Thermal printer! By SII ( Seiko Instruments )
Seiko Instruments has been producing and offering mini-thermal-printer.
SII's the thermal printer contributes to EFT-POS terminals.
Moreover, the thermal printer unit with silence and easy aintenance has also gained popularity on many customers.
SII's mini-thermal-printers are the best seller of that market.


The crystal oscillating elements from Seiko Instruments(SII) are producing highly experience technology and know-how for smaller sizing and high quality and reliability.
To establish ultra-long life battery operation products, SII is producing ultra-low CL crystal oscillating elements. this technology helps lower quiescent or stand-by power consumption for consumer products and industrial products.
at the time of pre-production stage, SII can support Circuit Matching Service and Soluton (CMSS) to find the best CL and circuit parameters. It is free service shorten customers' development turnaround time and to provide customers high reliability.


Seiko Instruments(SII) is also producing the micro battery products. This business is growing up with development of a quartz watch technology. And today rapid LSI market is getting increase, then SII is developing high quality and high reliability battery line-up.
Micro batteries and Super-capacitors have excellent cycle time performance over discharging characteristics, and have high-spill-proof. These are the bests solution forrequirment of stagble operating voltage amd auxiliary power for small portable devices.


Seiko Epson has been developing and producing CMOS-LSI since 1969. Seiko Epson is focusing on low power small size semiconductor development. During these development, Seiko Epson found excellent solution of 1) Low-Leak-Process which establishes low quiescent current, 2)Algorism which allows increasing system power efficiency, 3)Highly accomplished low power analog circuit design.
We want to make a real partnership with all of customers with above three core technologies.


Seiko Epson also has 'timing devices', 'sensing devices' and 'opt devices'. Seiko Epson has been developing components with two directions. One is horizontal strategy which is increasing wider line up for each product categories. Another is vertical strategy which is making combination between each product categories.
The company will supply advanced products into the market.


The KYOCERA Connector is just focusing on the connectors.
Connectors are key parts of connecting a between PCB's and /or Modules.
The company has been making strong effort of "craftsmanship" for the more creative and more innovative products.
The production sites are spread onto world-wide, that is, Okaya-city, Nagano pref. Japan, China, South Korea, and Malaysia.


Molex Japan has a motto of 'Customers are the First', which means 'Customers must be satisfied with the best service'.
Molex Japan's Connectors have high quality, high reliability and high performance with low cost and shorter delivery time. These connectors are the best match for all of customer's requirements.